Tuesday 21 February 2017 8pm

Dir: Grimur Hakonarson Iceland 2015

Language: Icelandic with subtitles Running time: 93 mins Cert: 15A

Starring: Sigurdur Sigurjónsson, Theodór Júlíusson

Sponsored By: Viking Tours Ireland

"Gummi (Sigurdur Sigurjónsson) and Kiddi (Theodór Júlíusson) are brothers. They have both dedicated their lives to tending sheep and their farms are next door to each other. But they have not spoken in over 40 years, a feud that has reduced any necessary communication between them to be carried out via written messages delivered by Kiddi's dog.

However when one of their sheep contracts a contagious disease, the livelihood of the brothers and
the entire rural community they are a part of comes under threat. Can the brothers set aside their differences under the circumstances?

Writer-director Hakonarson beautifully captures the tragicomic plight of the brothers against the stark beauty of the Icelandic valleys to deliver a charming and moving drama.


Un Certain Regard Prize, Cannes Film Festival 2015

Audience Award, Tromsø International Film Festival 2016

Iceland’s official entry for the 2016 Oscars